DSi is not comprised of a group of theoretical trainers or teachers.   We are a team of senior level business professionals who have an extensive background in real-world business development and high stakes communication.  So if you’re looking for proposals with 2×2 matrices, curriculum methodologies and Venn diagrams showing the intersection between multiple co-dependent processes (for example), then perhaps we may not be the firm for you.  If however you’re interested in practical approaches based on over 20 years experience of business development and working with multiple decision makers in virtually every sector, then we are definitely the firm for you.

Our Target Areas

DSi will work closely with you and your team, coaching you on how to become highly effective communicators – specifically in:

    •    PITCHING

It’s Not Just About Delivery

Many training companies focus primarily on how a message is being delivered. We firmly believe that one must first ensure that content is clear, relevant, well structured, easy to understand, and backed with appropriate evidence. Once these key factors are in place, only then does delivery become a critical factor.

Practical & Applicable

DSi does not believe in imposing rigid methods. All learning will be practical and immediately applicable to your business. We will combine our experience in your industry, with your culture and corporate strategies. We will respect the style of each individual and the need for personalized coaching – because people are most effective when they draw on their own natural strengths.

Change is difficult, so we don’t want to necessarily change someone’s personal style. DSi gives clients the tools and techniques they need to improve in a comfortable, non-contrived manner.

A Vested Interest

We have often invested in the clients we work with. So quite frankly – when we help you, we are in-turn helping ourselves. Although at first this may sound a little self-serving, in our opinion this is simply the best way we can show how serious we are about what we do, and how completely we stand behind our service to our clients.

Our Learning Process

DSi believes that people do not learn to communicate effectively through listening to generic theory. We won’t simply stand in front of you and tell you how things ‘should’ be done. We will get you to actually do them.

You can learn by hiring us for a one-on-one session, or by participating in a group session. You can also learn on-the-job if you invite us to participate in what we call ‘Live Pitch Development’ with your company – whereby we will work directly with you to prepare for a high stakes pitch that you MUST win.

One-On-One Coaching

During these appointments (typically 1-1.5 hours in length), we will coach individuals on a one-on-one basis. This format works extremely well for people who cannot dedicate a full day to a group session. It is also ideal for those who would like us to focus on more individual needs.
Many individuals within organizations are reluctant to be coached in front of a group due to political or personal reasons, and so this one-on-one format is something that they will embrace.
We also provide individual coaching in the ‘field’ during real work situations. We may attend real/live presentations, or join a salesperson on a sales call.

Group Sessions

Our group sessions range in length depending upon your skill requirements – however clients typically book us for 1 or 2 day sessions.